Kapodae Text

The inceptions of Lodhom Lifestyle’s apparel line, Kapodae (Kapde (Clothes) + chai (Tea) + pakode (Fritters)), occurred on a typical Indian rainy evening. Like most Indians who prefer to have chai and pakode while enjoying the pitter-patter of rains, we were doing something similar and over a long meaning, thought provoking conversation, ensued the whole idea of having an apparel line, that celebrates different fabrics and weaves of India and at the same time resonates with the prevailing fashion trends.

Through Kapodae we intent to introduce the youth to the rich Indian Handloom, that is not only distinguished but unique and has been in demand globally from time immemorial.

With KAPODAE, you’re not just wearing trendy clothes; you’re making a statement, owning your style, and celebrating the vibrant spirit of youth.

Embrace the bold. Embrace yourself.

KAPODAE – Wear your style!